Behind The Scenes is the 19th episode of Season 1 and Evanscene: The 2nd Generation. It has minimum drama because Eli finds out his girlfriend is and has been stalking him. It also is the last strike with her abusiveness. It finishes Eli and Angelina's first relationship. It was named behind the scenes because the drama was also happening behind the scenes, and Eli looked behind the scene switch door and saw Angelina stalking him.

Story (1/2)Edit

Eli was finally getting his movie done, and J.T.'s Gang was finally cooperating with him. When they were almost done, he went home for a little bit to get something important, and Angelina slapped him and knocked him over on the floor. Eli got up and told her to leave. When he got back, he thought he left his bag behind the scene switch door and he saw Angelina hiding behind it. He asked how'd she know where to find him, and she said she followed him. She said she had been stalking him since they started going out, and he said to stop because its crazy. She slapped him and pushed him into a bunch of chairs. He screamed their over and rudely told her to leave, ending the relationship.

Story (2/2)Edit

Word was getting around that J.T. was gay, but J.T. didn't know where a rumor like that would pop up from. He asked down the link of people from which the rumor was formed and found out that Daxton started it because he wanted the girl he likes to think J.T. wasn't available. J.T. was insanely mad, and set Jay up with the girl on role play ot get Daxton mad, which worked.


  • Angelina and Eli's relationship ends.
  • Daxton starts a rumor about J.T., saying he's gay.


  • Eli: "Alright people we can get this done afterall, you bunch of idle rejects!"
  • Ashaunn: "I resent that!"
  • Eli: "GET OUT! NOW!"
  • Angelina: "I don't have to take this, I'm going home."
  • J.T.: "Have you been telling people I'm gay?"
  • Daxton: "Only because Megan likes you and I want her, and homosexuality apparently is a big turnoff."
  • Jay: "You want me to test your fling?"
  • Sean: "Did you hear, Jay and Megan are a "thing"?"