William McGowan is a retired coach for the Evanscene Sandsnakes.

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  • "I can't believe what I'm hearing. Do I hear the sandsnakes giving up? Wow, giving up. The one thing I never expected out of any of you. You guys are just throwing in the towel because we don't have Jay? Let me tell you something personal. If Jay was that important we would've won a championship before Jj arrived. IF JJ LEAVES THAT'S SOMETHING ELSE! BUT AS FAR AS WE ALL KNOW, JAY IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT. And when you guys are all in the NBA, the best players on your teams are going to be traded to another team, do you see any NBA players quitting for that? Huh? Take a look at Charles Barkley. One of your team members can get into a fight outside a bar and the next thing you know, your team sucks again. You guys aren't in this to be a bunch of losers, last I checked, we have 3 very valuable players on this team, and alot more talent. Vladetta should not stop us. Jay's departure shouldn't stop us. He's never coming back. He's going to be on the Monarch Knights this year. I know it's gonna be hard without him, but we've done it before, let's do it again.