Evanscene's High School division and Monarch High School's feud is a long running rivalry that began between Chief Moses and Robert Arias. It diffused for a while, until Jay Santura and Daynah Cruiz began beefing. The rivalry came to a climax when an Evanscene student snuck into Monarch, and set it on fire.


Chief Moses-Robert Arias FeudEdit

At a carnival, James (Chief Moses) and Ashia Chapman were walking when Ashia's ex-boyfriend (Robert) walked up to her to say hi. Ashia said she didn't want to talk to him. Robert tried to touch her, and James pushed him off, telling him not to touch his girl. Robert then said "You wouldn't be so cocky if you knew what your girl was doing last month." James asked Ashia what he's talking about. Robert then said "I guess classes cutest couple doesn't tell each other everything afterall." James furiously told him to leave. Robert pulled out a knife, only for James to smack it out of his hand and break his arm. 

At Ray's house party, Robert crashed the party along with his other Monarch friends. Robert found Ashia in a room and layed her down on the bed and got on top of her. He covered her mouth and began pulling down her pants. She was screaming, and James and Jaiden heard it. They ran in and James tackled Robert. Jaiden helped her put her pants back on. Robert stabbed him in the arm, and James choked Robert into a coma. The police and ambulence were called. A week after, Robert shows up to Evanscene's school yard and starts a fight with James. James throws Robert onto the wall and Robert begs him to stop hitting. James says to get out, and Robert runs out. 

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