Fallen Angels are a group consisted of Eli Castillo, J.T. Castillo, Jay Santura and Sean Hunter. It used to be a group only for Jenny Hill, Angelina Shallei and Eli, but eventually the girls lost intrest and the guys gained intrest. It is both a gang and a rock band. It is named after a Veil Brids Black Veil Brides song. Since they stole a copyrighted title. they are no longer formed together, and the group broke up in 2011.


Eli CastilloEdit

Eli was always in the group, and was always contributing to it. When Jenny and Angelina were in it, it was originally a way for them to hang out outside of school. But he eventually got his other friends to join.

J.T. Castillo Edit

J.T. used to write all the songs, but it wasn't very often when he'd come up with a good one.

Sean Hunter Edit

He originally started helping J.T. write the songs for the band, but then sold the songs to Sum41.

Jay Santura Edit

He was the guy in the group that was always late, and never contributed.

Angelina and JennyEdit

Had very good voices, but would barely do anything.