Harrison Black (c.1997-2008) was an albanian teenager that attended Evanscene Community School from grades 1-6. He was bestfriends with Jammie Kesler and Elijah Castillo. He had a long bitter rivalry with Justin Castillo, Jay Santura, and Sean Hunter, which resulted in severe bullying. After a few years of this, it hit a new low at Jenny and Angie Gomez's 12th birthday party, where Harrison decided he couldn't take any more of it and shot himself in the head, commiting suicide. 

Character HistoryEdit


Harrison was a strong athiest, and was raised in an Albanian household.


Feud with Justin Castillo, Jay Santura, and Sean HunterEdit

The feud between Harrison and Justin started on the first episode of Evanscene where Justin spilled coffee on Harrison by accident. Harrison mouthed off to Justin, causing Justin not to like him. After Harrison repeatedly expressed that he didn't want to solve the problems, Jay and Sean joined the situation by bullying Harrison with Justin. This went on for a total of four years without stopping.  But finally, in Season 5, Justin asked to settle their differences and become cool with each other. Harrison agreed, and began telling people that the reason the bullying stopped was because he beat up Justin. After this rumor traveled across the school, it finally came back to Justin, who angrily beat up Harrison in the lunch room. The bullying began getting more severe by having other people add onto it. Sean decided to stop when he saw Harrison try to commit suicide on the train tracks, and he convinced Justin not to bully him anymore. Justin decided not to try to make up with him, but to just leave him alone. However, after Harrison accidently throws a full sprite can at Jay's head, Jay attempts to drown Harrison. Harrison gets out of the water and runs up to Jay and accidentlly punches Justin in the back of the head. Justin furiously throws Harrison into a table, causing everything on the table to collapse onto his head, knocking him out. Jay and Justin then strip Harrison and throw him off the balcony back into the pool with no clothes on. After Harrison wakes up, he realizes what happened and runs into the house. As he's crying, he finds a gun under Angie's dad's bed. With the gun, he goes down the fire escape into the pool storage shed, and kills himself.